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We are SUBWAY® Development Agents for Los Angeles & Orange Counties in Southern California and the DC/VA/MD Mid-Atlantic Region.


Los Angeles County

520 Restaurants

Grewal Foods OC, LLC

Orange County

205 Restaurants

OHCAL Mid-Atlantic


829 Restaurants

Please contact the DA office for more specific details on territory boundaries.

Become a Subway Franchisee

Why Choose Subway?

  • Low Franchise Fee. A one-time $15,000 fee purchases a twenty year agreement renewable for an additional twenty years with no additional fees.
  • Local Training and Support. Every SUBWAY® restaurant has a trained Business Consultant who provides operational support and compliance evaluations to help you run a profitable restaurant. Our Business Consultants help you establish a training module for your staff.
  • Franchisee Training. Two weeks at SUBWAY® restaurants’ corporate training facility in Milford, CT provides you with the foundation of knowledge and the operational experience to run your restaurant to SUBWAY® standards.
  • Simple Operation. SUBWAY® restaurants’ operations manual spells it out clearly and simply. There is no cooking, no use of grills and no fryers.
  • University of Subway. Free online training is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The course curriculum meets operational, financial, management and marketing needs.
  • Independent Purchasing Council (IPC). IPC is a corporation owned and run by SUBWAY® franchisees. It was established to approve and monitor SUBWAY® gold standard vendors and to utilize the buying power of more than 42,000 locations. All products used by SUBWAY® franchisees including food, equipment and insurance must meet the criteria IPC establishes.
  • Subway Real Estate, LLC (SRELLC). SRELLC negotiates and signs all the master leases for every SUBWAY® location. The Development Team works with SRELLC to identify and secure new locations and facilitate the lease negotiation process. Franchisees benefit from the experience and long term vision of SRELLC. A site review process protects our franchisees with established site viability parameters. Our franchisees sign a sub-lease with SRELLC under the same terms as the master lease and pay rent directly to the landlord each month.
  • Advertising Power. The SUBWAY® Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) is another corporation owned and run by SUBWAY® franchisees. SFAFT oversees national, regional and local advertising dollars with input and voting power from every franchisee. We currently advertise on television 52 weeks a year. SFAFT also sponsors community events and national sporting events.
  • Development Agents. Our franchisees benefit from the experience and support from four offices across North America with more than 2000 open and operating SUBWAY® restaurants. Together they lead the Development Team to support our franchisees.
  • Environmental Responsibility. SUBWAY® continues to develop new ways to keep our restaurants green and limit our environmental impact. From light bulbs to cleaning products to reusable ‘Kids Pak’ meal bags, SUBWAY® works with our franchisees to incorporate recycled material, maintain energy efficient restaurants and reduce waste.

What Makes a Great Franchisee?

Learning to create a great SUBWAY® sandwich is the easy part. Our formulas will have you creating our famous “made before your eyes” sub sandwiches before you know it. However, the business side of SUBWAY® provides the vision for success. We are looking for goal oriented, business savvy entrepreneurs who are willing to apply the energy and time to realize this vision.

Our franchisees bring the skill set and business experience that help meet our criteria for success which include the following:

  • Owner/Operator. Be prepared to have a “hands-on” approach to ownership. A SUBWAY® franchisee is actively involved in the running of their SUBWAY® restaurant.
  • Follow The Business Model. SUBWAY® requires our franchisees to follow the Operations Manual. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Be part of our team.
  • Management Skills. You will set the tone and be a role model for your employees. Create an environment of mutual respect. You will be responsible for delegating work, ensuring SUBWAY® standards of operation and keeping your employees up to date on promotions, operations and safety practices.
  • Mentoring/Training Experience. Be prepared to establish a training program for your staff and empower them to protect your investment.
  • Financially Viable. Franchisees show financial viability early in the approval process. Be prepared with documented verification of net worth, assets, cash allocation and investment strategy.
  • Community Involvement. SUBWAY® franchisees live locally and continually network with community businesses and civic organizations. They build their business through these associations.
  • Successfully Complete the Qualifying Process. Investigate SUBWAY® thoroughly. Do your due diligence. The local Development Agent office will guide you through the process while evaluating your skills to meet the challenge of becoming a successful SUBWAY® franchisee.
  • Implement a Marketing Plan. Our franchisees are building marketing plans, setting goals and following through with their plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a franchisee? Complete an application online.  You will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document.  It is your responsibility to read it.  Next, pass a basic skills test.  Then you will be ready to investigate our business opportunity with the help of the local development office.  The Development Agent office and Doctor’s Associates Inc. will determine if you meet our qualifying standards.
  • How much is the SUBWAY® Franchise Fee? The initial franchise fee is $15,000. If qualified to purchase additional locations, the franchise fee is $7,500.
  • What is the term of a SUBWAY® franchise? The $15,000 franchise fee purchases a franchise honored for twenty years.  This franchise is renewable for an additional twenty years with no fees.
  • What kind of training is available to new franchisees? Training is for two weeks, 50% in class and 50% in store training.  All franchisees named on each franchise agreement must satisfactorily complete training at SUBWAY® World Headquarters before the store will be allowed to open. One week of local in-store training may also be required.
  • How much money can I expect to make and what is my return on investment? In our Franchise Disclosure Document, we further explain why we cannot provide an earnings claim. We do not furnish or authorize our employees, salespeople, or Development Agents to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual or potential sales. Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. We encourage you to call SUBWAY® restaurant owners from the Franchise Disclosure Document to learn firsthand why they decided to acquire additional franchises.
  • What is my financial obligation as a SUBWAY® franchisee? Beyond the one time franchise fee of $15,000 you will be required to pay royalties to Doctor’s Associates Inc. of 8% on weekly gross sales.  You will be required to pay an advertising fee to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) of 4.5% on weekly gross sales.
  • Who negotiates the lease? The Development Office initially negotiates the terms of a lease.  Subway Real Estate, LLC (SRELLC) will finalize the lease with the landlord and sign the master lease.
  • Do I sign the lease? You will sign a sub-lease with Subway Real Estate, LLC (SRELLC) under the same terms and conditions as the master lease.  You will pay rent directly to the landlord each month.
  • Where do I purchase food for my restaurant? All franchisees are required to order food from an approved vendor. Pricing, quality and transport are monitored by SUBWAY® restaurants’ Independent Purchasing Council (IPC).
  • Is operational support available? Yes. Each franchisee is assigned a Business Consultant to help you meet SUBWAY® standards of operation.  In addition, support is available from the development offices and University of SUBWAY® courses.
  • How do I advertise my SUBWAY? Franchisees pay 4.5 % royalty to the Subway Franchise Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) each week.  Those funds help pay for SUBWAY® national advertising. Franchisees are also encouraged to advertise to their local customer base.
  • Can I sell my restaurant? Yes, you may sell your restaurant at any time after opening, provided the company approves the buyer.

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Los Angeles County
CityStore #ContactEmail
Altadena, CA 9100138726Pal
Artesia, CA 9070143171Ted
Bellflower, CA 907066549Paresh
Bellflower, CA 9070639207Prit
Bellflower, CA 9070642153Prit
Beverly Hills, CA 9021211396Ben
Beverly Hills, CA 9021223728Bob
Burbank, CA 9150514756Andrew
Burbank, CA 9150548003Andrew
Calabasas, CA 913021110Nataniel Albek
Carson, CA 9074314457Rick
Cerritos, CA 907013657Ibrahim
Downey, CA 9130423163Aman
El Monte, CA 9173142049Aman
Glendale, CA 9120612927Art
Glendale, CA 9120156203Pal
Long Beach, CA 9080649611Hanan
Long Beach, CA 9081347658Moe
Long Beach, CA 9081360032Moe
Los Angeles, CA 9004444267Rita
Los Angeles, CA 9006623684Pal
Los Angeles, CA 9000644286Rajendra
Los Angeles, CA 9001657451Surjit
Los Angeles, CA 9006528231Mitch
Los Angeles, CA 9006547856Pal
Lynwood, CA
Newhall, CA 913211303Gary
Newhall, CA 9132128548Gary
Newhall, CA 9132128549Gary
Pasadena, CA 911065954Art
Pasadena, CA 9110732204Art
Pasadena, CA 9110658125Art
Pasadena, CA 911073989Godrej
Porter Ranch, CA 9132622999Anet
Reseda, CA 9133510292Whayu
Reseda, CA 9133521223Nayanika
San Pedro, CA 907323834Rick
San Pedro, CA 9073223932Farid & Hamid
Santa Fe Springs, CA 9067024090Aman
Santa Monica, CA 9040312324Bobby
Santa Monica, CA 904035784Sean
South Pasadena, CA 910302663Surjit
Studio City, CA 9160426105Ronnie
Valencia, CA 9138119911Gary
Van Nuys, CA 9140550209Jeet
Walnut, CA 917892139Malkiat
West Hills, CA 9130720378Jeet
West Los Angeles, CA 900343780Surjit
Woodland Hills, CA 9136421421Jeet
Orange County
CityStore #ContactTelephone NumberEmail
Anaheim25450Hootan Yaghoobzadeh310-806-3705
Cypress34143Vikram & Niru Suva562-715-9667
Cypress35541Vikram & Niru Suva562-715-9667
Fountain Valley23749Abhay & Ruchira Jain714-261-0786
Huntington Beach2021Deanna & Brannan Brown530-308-8631
La Habra34911Jagdish Bhandal714-249-5439
La Palma29932Rahul & Hema Patel562-860-6486
Laguna Hills31736Kam Makhani949-689-5960
Laguna Niguel11205Kam Makhani949-689-5960
Lake Forest6185Alireza Hejazi949-533-0789
Lake Forest48178Kam Makhani949-689-5960
Los Alamitos50380Rahul & Hema Patel562-860-6486
Orange45693Daniel Riscalla714-624-9276
San Clemente3219Shubhra Mittal949-306-2431
Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland
CityStore #ContactTelephone Number
Alexandria, VA20597Gaurav Gupta240-505-8855
Bedford, VA36359Tim Peters434-941-9896
Dahlgren, VA58807Larry Wible540-379-4403
Elliston, VA21111River Bonhotel540-793-5008
Fairfax Station, VA45387Sanjay Bhatia703-622-5587
Fredericksburg, VA12222Remai Hasan540-760-4415
Gaithersburg, MD21094Nick Gomes240-988-1335az
Gaithersburg, MD55464Nick Gomes240-988-1335az
Hardy, VA16198Denis Girard540-238-9910
King George, VA3531Larry Wible540-379-4403
Mineral, VA48554Larry Wible540-379-4403
Norfolk, VA17178Bipin Vyas757-572-9383
Richmond, VA17250Pradip Vora804-833-1422
Rockville, MD47515Nick Gomes240-988-1335
Salem, VA6683River Bonhotel540-793-5008
Virginia Beach, VA1537River Bonhotel757-575-1684
Virginia Beach, VA60352River Bonhotel757-340-7485
Winchester, VA53674Sejalben Patel240-405-5837
Woodbridge, VA20324Harry & Judylynn Wescott540-842-6760

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Employment Opportunities

Business Consultant


Are you an expert at motivating people to make positive change through coaching, training and mentoring? Do you have previous restaurant, retail, sales or customer service background?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then we want you on our team!

As a Business Consultant, you will be assigned a group of Franchisee owned SUBWAY® restaurants. You will work closely with restaurant operators to implement corporate policies, business planning, financial reviews and programs that will have a direct impact on the profitability of the franchisees, advertisement market and our office.

We arm you with the latest technology in the field, such as laptop, printer and company issued Smart Phone.

In this full time position, you will be responsible for ensuring Brand protection by conducting monthly Restaurant Evaluations. Plus, you will be assisting Franchise owners in increasing sales, profitability and the development of new SUBWAY® restaurants.

You make your own schedule, so excellent time management, follow up and good attention to detail is required. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook is also preferred. As a member of the team, you will have access to upper management and the ability to affect organizational change.

We offer a competitive compensation package, which includes mileage reimbursement, 401(k) match, vacation pay and short-term and long-term disability benefits*. We also pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer.

Sound interesting? Take action by contacting us at:

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Los Angeles County


6110 Variel Avenue, Ste 2A

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Orange County

Grewal Foods OC, LLC

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OHCAL Mid-Atlantic

7601 Lewinsville Road Ste 310

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